If we are not willing to help our community then who will? To see the change we want, we must be the change. We must put in the work to make the change happen.

Joane Petithomme

Never forget where and what you came from! Always give a helping hand for the next young child!

Jeff Charelus

We can't keep putting our money into big corporations that do nothing for our communities and people. 

Brandon Cruz

I'm so proud and honored to support my amazing friend Fortin who constantly reminds me that there is no limit to ones kindness and there is nothing more important in this life as being true to yourself and your roots.

Ishara Guruge1

We're excited for you guys and what you're doing for the kids and families in Haiti! You know we will always support you.

Romel & Tayler Giffrard

I respect the movement and the dedication to improvement of education in Haiti.

Da-Anna Paul