All photography provided by JMD Photography

Mare-Rouge, Haiti


God's Work

We found this kid while looking for the neediest families to include in The Faustin Project. This kid was badly burn and was in excruciating pain crying for his mother "mama, mama" his parent's weren't around. He was left with his aunt to care for him, however his aunt couldn't afford to take him to the hospital. The only thing she could do is apply white powder on the burn, with no pain killers or antibiotics this kid wouldn't have made it. I cried witnessing this. We are so happy that we found this kid. We took him to the hospital and after a month in intensive care, he is now a strong and healthy boy!

Heal kid.jpg

A strong healed and healthy boy!

Kid 2.jpg

God's Work

At just 6 months old, this little girl was abandoned and left with her grandmother. She is older woman and is unable to care for her. The little girl recently became extremely ill, fortunately we were visiting our kids for Christmas, we found her. Paid her medical expenses. We got her going forward!